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Gender-Based Dress Codes: Did We Need Another Law?

By Erin Brandt. Updated April 21, 2017 (Originally posted March 31, 2017) Gender-based dress codes have lately become a media “hot topic”. In March, I joined the public discussion when I spoke to CBC’s Andrew Chang  about BC Green party leader Andrew Weaver’s proposal to outlaw high heels in the workplace. Much of the focus in […]

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Negotiate first to avoid unsatisfactory severance, bonus payouts:

Employees should carefully review and negotiate their agreements before starting a new job to ensure their severance and termination clauses are acceptable.

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Workplace Investigations: What Are My Rights?

If asked to participate in a workplace investigation, what are an employee’s rights? David Brown explains.

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Protecting International Human Rights: The Role of Canadian Courts

By Erin Brandt. What role can Canadian courts play when a company is accused of overseas human rights abuses? Erin Brandt considers this question in her latest case law update. Read Erin’s review of the recent British Columbia Court of Appeal decision in Garcia v. Tahoe Resources here.

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Bonuses: A Reward for Performance or Retention?

In his latest case law update, Richard Johnson discusses what happens when a bonus is tied not just to performance, but also retention.

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Postmedia’s Layoffs: Words to the Wise

By Fiona Anderson. As a former journalist, I can’t help but be mesmerized by the bloodletting that is happening at newspapers and television and radio stations across Canada. The only exception is the publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Private companies need to make money to survive and, with advertisers now having their own advertising platforms […]

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PDC 2017 Recap: Erin and Heidi Teach Dentists to Root Out Workplace Problems

Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves (from Project House Business Solutions) recently spoke to dental professionals at Vancouver’s 2017 Pacific Dental Conference about creating healthy, engaging and legally compliant workplaces. The conversation was wide-ranging…

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A Dismissed Employee’s Right to Notice or Severance: A Review of The Basics

By Samantha Stepney. Many employees who seek our advice following termination are surprised to learn that so long as their employer has not violated any human rights laws, the employee can be fired for any reason. If the reason amounts to “just cause” – which includes things like theft and insubordination – the employee is […]

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The Challenge of Terminating for Cause: Stock v. Oak Bay Marina Ltd.

What’s the difference between a termination with cause and without? Read David Brown’s post and find out.

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Employer Forum Recap: Engagement and Retention

Hosted by lawyer Trevor Thomas, February’s Forum focused on employee engagement and retention. We were joined by Danielle Allan, Finance Director at Allan Financial, and Casey Miller, President of 6 1/2 Consulting.

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