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Employees entitled to recourse when business shuts down: Richard Johnson speaks to CTV News (

When a business suddenly closes its doors, it is considered a termination of employment — and employees should move quickly to seek advice, Vancouver employment lawyer Richard Johnson tells CTV News Vancouver.

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Probationary Periods – Are they Legal in Canada?

David Brown, Lawyer. Probationary periods in employment… for  something seeming so simple,  they still cause a lot of confusion, and employees and employers alike are frequently mistaken about the legality of probationary periods and how they apply to the non-unionized worker. Employees who are terminated during probationary periods often accept their lot without ever receiving legal advice, […]

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Mentoring: Sustaining the Legal Profession and Our Clients

Erin Brandt, Lawyer. “Nobody succeeds on their own…” (US President Barack Obama, Presidential Proclamation, December 28, 2016) As January 2017 is National Mentoring Month in the United States (as so declared by President Obama), it seemed timely to write about mentoring in the legal profession. But how to approach the topic so that this post […]

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An Employer’s Legal Burden of Proof Lessened: A Common Sense Approach

When faced with a wrongful dismissal lawsuit from a former employee, one strategy employers use to reduce severance liability is to argue that the worker failed to mitigate her losses (i.e. by getting a new job). Traditionally, however, Canadian employment law has placed a heavy burden on an employer wanting to prove a failure to […]

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Richard Kent Employment Law Advocate Daily

Openness is key to averting constructive dismissals:

Companies tend to make big changes in the New Year that don’t always bode well for employees, leading to a bump in constructive dismissal complaints.

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Can – and Should – Employers “Ban” After-Hours Work Email?

(First published May 2014. Updated January 2017.) Do you expect your employees to read and respond to work-related email after hours or on weekends? Or do you encourage your staff to “disconnect” once they leave the office? The topic of after-hours work email is again in the news after France introduced a new law that grants […]

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Personal use of tech during work hours ‘time theft’:

Increased access to hand-held devices is making the personal use of technology in the workplace more of an issue than ever before, with the problem of ‘time theft’ akin to the unauthorized use of company equipment or taking home a few office supplies no one will miss, Vancouver employment lawyer Richard Johnson tells Lawyers Weekly.

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3 Problems with Union Members Hiring their Own Lawyers

David Brown, Lawyer. I often receive requests for consultations from unionized workers dissatisfied with their employer, their union or both. Frequently, this dissatisfaction arises out of the worker having a grievance with the company, but he or she feels that they are not receiving proper representation from their union. Before going ahead and hiring a […]

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Kent Employment Law 2016

Year In Review: 2016

2016 was a year of growth and innovation for Kent Employment Law.

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Erin Brandt

Erin Brandt: Change Maker

Erin Brandt is forward-thinking, and combines a millennial mindset with legal creativity to create impact and change in her clients’ lives.

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