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Mentoring: Sustaining the Legal Profession and Our Clients

Erin Brandt, Lawyer. “Nobody succeeds on their own…” (US President Barack Obama, Presidential Proclamation, December 28, 2016) As January 2017 is National Mentoring Month in the United States (as so declared by President Obama), it seemed timely to write about mentoring in the legal profession. But how to approach the topic so that this post […]

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Vancouver Startup Recap: Erin Brandt Hears from Local Entrepreneurs

What employment law questions do Vancouver’s startups want answers to? At VSW2016, Kent Employment Law’s Erin Brandt had a chance to find out.

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The BC Civil Resolution Tribunal: Legal Services for the 21st Century?

Lawyer Erin Brandt (nee Kizell), Contributor.  Traditional means for resolving legal disputes – i.e. the civil courts – can be slow, complicated, and expensive.  Over time, dispute resolution “alternatives” such as arbitration and mediation have emerged in response to these obstacles. The courts themselves have also introduced different ways for parties to try and resolve […]

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When Hugging Becomes Harassment

Lawyer Erin Brandt (nee Kizell), Contributor.  In many circumstances, hugging represents an act of affection or comfort. An unexpected or unwanted hug, however, is another thing entirely – it violates personal space and boundaries and can cause mental and emotional distress. And, from a legal perspective, if it happens in the workplace, it can amount […]

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Erin Brandt (nee Kizell) Presenting at Intuit Workshop for Small Business Owners

It’s Your Business: Own It! May 28, 2015 at 6:30 pm 1285 West Broadway, Vancouver BC Small business owners, join Intuit Accountants as they present this worthwhile workshop on how to strengthen your business and move it forward. Among the speakers will be Kent Employment Law’s Erin Brandt (nee Kizell), who will be discussing legal […]

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Employment Law Seminar for Employers with Erin Kizell

Erin Kizell speaks about the top 5 employment law issues for employers, November 25, 2014 in Vancouver at Kent Employment Law’s offices.

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Simon Kent and Erin Kizell to present at Startup Week Vancouver

Simon and Erin speak at Start-Up Week Vancouver, November 20, 2014 at The Hive.

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