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Employer Forum Recap: Engagement and Retention

Hosted by lawyer Trevor Thomas, February’s Forum focused on employee engagement and retention. We were joined by Danielle Allan, Finance Director at Allan Financial, and Casey Miller, President of 6 1/2 Consulting.

Erin Brandt Vancouver Startup Week

Working During Divorce: Erin Brandt and Alex Boland (Feb 2017)

On February 21st, Erin Brandt will join lawyer Alex Boland for Connect Family Law’s Divorce Salon on the topic of working during divorce.

Erin Brandt

Erin Brandt Speaks to Women Leading the Way™ (Minerva) (Feb 2017)

On February 24th, Erin Brandt will share her knowledge and experience with the members of Women Leading the Way™, the Minerva Foundation’s leadership training program for high-potential women.


Employer Forum – Engagement and Retention: What Works? (Feb 2017)

With topics ranging from hiring to firing, each Forum rests on the principles of Sustainable Employment and the goals of talent attraction, engagement, productivity and loyalty. The focus of our February Forum, hosted by Trevor Thomas, is Engagement and Retention: What Works?

Erin Brandt

Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves Speak at Pacific Dental Conference (Mar 2017)

At this year’s Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves, Principal at Project House Business Solutions, will speak about the legal and human resources issues that dentists face as employers.

Travor The Employment Standards Act – Your Rights & Obligations

The Employment Standards Act – Your Rights & Obligations (April 2017)

Trevor will be presenting at CBA Law Week through the People’s Law School. Join Trevor at the Richmond Public Library to learn about “The Employment Standards Act – Your Rights & Obligations”.

Kent Employment Law Webinar

High Conflict Clients II: Get Out and Get Paid Without Complaints (Webinar April 2017)

How can you withdraw from a file where you have a high conflict/demanding client? In doing so, how can you avoid a complaint to the Law Society – and if you can’t, what can you expect? The second session in this two-part webinar series explains.

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David Brown Presents at HRMA Legal Symposium (Jan 2017)

What are the risks and challenges that cannabis presents to the workplace in a changing legislative and cultural landscape? On January 26, David Brown offers an employment law perspective on this question at HRMA’s Legal Symposium 2017 in Vancouver.

Simon Kent Kent Employment Law

High Conflict Clients I: Bullies, Blamers & Complainers (Webinar Jan 2017)

How can lawyers identify high conflict/demanding clients before taking them on and avoid being retained? For lawyers who are working with difficult clients, how can you understand their needs and cope with their demands? This first session of a two-part webinar explains.

Kent Employment Law Employer Forum

Employer Forum Recap: Recruitment and Hiring

This month marked the debut of Kent Employment Law’s Employer Forum series, an in-house resource for forward-thinking business owners and HR professionals. Hosted by our own Trevor Thomas, November’s Forum focused on recruitment and hiring with a lively discussion led by senior HR professional Heidi Eaves and business consultant Fraser Engel. With individuals from over […]

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