Workplace Investigations

There will be times when your business faces an employee-related crisis. Perhaps one of your workers has complained of bullying and harassment. Maybe you have reason to believe an employee has stolen company property or engaged in some other kind of serious misconduct.

What should you do?

Before you do anything, you need to gather all the facts and make sure you understand and comply with both your and your employees’ workplace rights and responsibilities. While some employers choose to resolve such conflicts using internal resources, it can be wise to hire an independent third party to conduct an investigation. It eliminates bias, encourages employee openness, and ensures your employees view the process as fair.

If you want the support of an external professional, we can help. We have both the legal and the HR expertise needed to complete a comprehensive workplace investigation, from the initial interviews to the final report summarizing our findings and recommendations. And for employers wanting to adopt sustainable employment workplace practices, our fair, respectful and impartial approach to investigations will promote this.