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The Gig Economy: Geoff Mason on Roundhouse Radio

What does the gig economy mean for B.C. workers? Geoff Mason weighs in.

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B.C. laws lag behind fast-rising gig economy (Geoff Mason quoted in BIV)

“The bottom line is that the way the employment standards protections are structured currently, they did not have this economic concept in mind,” Geoff Mason tells Business in Vancouver.


Severance liability, bad faith damages result of employer’s ambiguous standards (The Lawyer’s Daily)

Richard Johnson lends his insight on the Cottrill v. Utopia Day Spas and Salons Ltd. case relating to aggravated/bad faith damages in Lawyers Daily.

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Look to employment contract to assess entitlement after harassment:

For those seeking compensation after enduring workplace harassment, their employment contract is often a significant indicator of how much money they could receive in a claim.

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How to handle age discrimination at work:

Individuals are entitled to protection against discrimination because of their age, but it is important to consult a lawyer quickly if legal action is required

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Aggravated damages awarded to spa worker in wrongful dismissal:

A skincare therapist has been awarded $15,000 in aggravated damages for the bad-faith conduct of her employer in a wrongful dismissal case, says Kent employment lawyer Richard Johnson, who represented the woman in the lawsuit.

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Kelowna Launch 2017: Recap

We were delighted to have a reason to play host to the Okanagan community last month at the official opening of our Kelowna office!

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Negotiate first to avoid unsatisfactory severance, bonus payouts:

Employees should carefully review and negotiate their agreements before starting a new job to ensure their severance and termination clauses are acceptable.

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Employer Forum Recap: Engagement and Retention

Hosted by lawyer Trevor Thomas, February’s Forum focused on employee engagement and retention. We were joined by Danielle Allan, Finance Director at Allan Financial, and Casey Miller, President of 6 1/2 Consulting.


Richard Johnson Quoted in Lawyers Daily: Bill 177

Richard Johnson lends his insight on the recent legislative changes around Domestic Violence Leave in Lawyers Daily.

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