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Openness is key to averting constructive dismissals:

Companies tend to make big changes in the New Year that don’t always bode well for employees, leading to a bump in constructive dismissal complaints.

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Drawing the line on personal use: Lawyers Weekly

Use of company time for personal business is hardly new. But rapid advances in high-tech, hand-held communications have ratcheted things up a notch. Read Richard Johnson’s perspective on this evolving employment law issue in Lawyers Weekly.

Kent Employment Law 2016

Year In Review: 2016

2016 was a year of growth and innovation for Kent Employment Law.


Focus on ideal fit when seeking new legal position:

For lawyers considering a new career opportunity, focusing on how you will fit into a prospective work environment is critical in order to avoid “going from the frying pan into the fire” and being forced to move on again within a short period of time, Vancouver employment lawyer Richard Johnson tells Lawyers Weekly.


Focused job hunt takes time, flexibility: Lawyers Weekly

Focusing on how you will fit into a prospective work environment is critical to avoid “going from the frying pan into the fire” and being forced to move on within a short period of time, explains Vancouver human rights and employment lawyer Richard Johnson.

Kent Employment Law Employer Forum

Employer Forum Recap: Recruitment and Hiring

This month marked the debut of Kent Employment Law’s Employer Forum series, an in-house resource for forward-thinking business owners and HR professionals. Hosted by our own Trevor Thomas, November’s Forum focused on recruitment and hiring with a lively discussion led by senior HR professional Heidi Eaves and business consultant Fraser Engel. With individuals from over […]


Human rights tribunal a ‘safety net’ against workplace ageism:

One of the most important provisions in the British Columbia Human Rights Code is the protection from being discriminated against because of age — including in the context of getting and holding a job, Vancouver employment lawyer Richard Johnson writes in Inspired Senior Living magazine.


Live Long and Prosper: Human Rights are Alive and Well (Inspired Senior Living)

In the November 2016 issue of Inspired Senior Living, Richard Johnson explains how BC human rights laws protect employees from age-based discrimination.


Severance best negotiated at outset of employment relationship:

It may seem odd to think about severance issues during the excitement of the hiring process, but a pre-emptive approach is the best way to clarify entitlements and manage potential problems before they arise, Vancouver employment lawyer Richard Johnson writes in The Bottom Line.


Just Cause Dismissal a Rare Case: The Bottom Line

In this article in the mid-October 2016 issue of The Bottom Line, Richard Johnson offers employees a primer on termination, severance, and just cause.

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