Dulcie Jones

Dulcie Jones - Purposeful Partner

Dulcie’s optimistic energy is contagious. She truly loves the work she does, and it shows. A champion of sustainable employment, she brightens visibly at the prospect of working with companies who prioritize collaboration, respect and purpose. Tenacious and persistent, there appear to be no limits to Dulcie’s capacity to “do good” (work).

Fully committed to our holistic approach to workplace culture, Dulcie is equally able to support both employees facing discrimination and companies seeking to improve their processes. Her hope is that by empowering both sides of the employment relationship, she will help enable well-functioning and self-sustaining businesses.

A relative newcomer to Vancouver, Dulcie moved to Canada from the UK after completing a multi-month travel adventure that encompassed four continents. With a background that includes a law degree, paralegal credentials, and extensive experience working on large-scale insurance projects, she is perfectly poised to guide our clients through the legal and practical aspects of their workplace files. Now that she has settled in to life and work in VanCity, Dulcie is focusing her passion for empowering others on how and where she can give back.