Frances Heaps

Frances Heaps - Core Influencer

Frances is the firm’s operational hub. As our longest-standing team member, she has grown up with the organization and “seen it all”. Since joining the firm as an administrative support for our lawyers, Frances’ role has evolved into a central position on our management team.

Her familiarity with the firm’s inner workings are reflected in both her creative ideas for process improvements and her deft troubleshooting for clients, suppliers, and lawyers alike. To her role as a certified paralegal, where she provides legal support to our clients, Frances brings a keen understanding of both the justice system and human nature.

Recently, Frances extended her operational expertise beyond our office walls to our “sister” firm, Connect Family Law. When Simon Kent and Leisha Murphy decided to build this progressive firm that would do family law differently, they looked to Frances to help get things off the ground by providing key support with client relations, systems development and staff training.

Regardless of the particular task or responsibility facing her, what sets Frances apart is her soft-spoken confidence which reassures clients and lawyers alike that there is someone in their corner they can count on.