Vancouver Startup Recap: Erin Brandt Hears from Local Entrepreneurs

What employment law questions do Vancouver’s startups want answers to? Last month, Kent Employment Law’s Erin Brandt had a chance to find out.0145-Connect-and-Kent-9368-(ZF-9033-14584-1-314)

Speaking at her third Vancouver Startup Week, Erin began by offering an employment law primer on topics ranging from contract best practices to calculating severance pay. What followed was a lively Q&A led by an engaged group of business

Here’s what Erin heard:

  1. Despite their initial appeal, independent contractor relationships may not be ideal for the long term. Because of the financial and other risks associated with independent contractor arrangements, business owners are curious about how to shift to an employer-employee model.
  2. A significant portion of startups continue to operate in the high tech sector, leading to questions about how overtime laws come into play. (High tech employees are generally excluded from employment standards rules relating to overtime.)
  3. Startup doesn’t necessarily mean “small” or “local”. Some newly emerging businesses operate across provincial and international borders, which raises questions for employers about which laws and courts govern their employees – and how to reflect that in their employment contracts.

While, generally speaking, all BC companies – big or small, new or established – are subject to the same employment laws, there are some workplace issues that are unique to startups. If you’re at the front-end of building your business, and have questions about your role and responsibilities as an employer, we can help. Contact us today to find out how.

Looking forward to VSW2017!

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