Richard Johnson at HRD Employment Law Masterclass (Feb 2020)

Richard Johnson

Managing, Disciplining and Terminating Long Term Absent Employees
HRD Employment Law Masterclass, Vancouver Convention Centre
February 19, 2019, 11:30 am

HR professionals should tread carefully when handling employees who are absent for long periods of time. While employers have a common law right to terminate, that right is curtailed by human rights obligations to accommodate to the point of hardship.

Join KEL Partner Richard Johnson at this year’s HRD Employment Law Masterclass in Vancouver to learn the answers to these and other questions that come up in the context of long-term absenteeism:

  1. How long are you obliged to keep a role open for an absent employee?
  2. Which types of long-term leave are protected under the Employment Standards Act (ESA)?
  3. How far does the duty to accommodate extend when dealing with chronically ill employees?
  4. When can you demand an employee undertake an independent medical examination?
  5. What constitutes termination on the basis of frustration due to illness or injury?
  6. When is the employer liable for payment of statutory notice and severance under the ESA?

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