Common Pitfalls In the Written Employment Contract

Simon, Jennifer and Wendy wrote a paper for the 2011 CLE Employment Law Conference about various pitfalls of written employment agreements.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment Law

Simon, Jonas and Wendy co-wrote a paper for the 2010 CLE Employment Law Conference which reviews some of the alternative dispute mechanisms available through the court system and in other legal contexts.

Drinking at Work

Simon is quoted in the Vancouver Sun about alcohol consumption during the workday.

The Rules of Office Romances

Simon is quoted in the Lawyers Weekly article from November 2009.

Privacy Issues in Pre-Employment Screening

Jennifer wrote a paper for the 2009 CLE Employment Law Conference examining how privacy legislation impacts employers’ ability to conduct pre-employment screening.

Strategic Practice Decisions – Employment Law Litigation

Simon wrote a paper for the 2009 CLE Employment Law Conference on the topic of strategic practice decisions in the context of the courts and the BC Employment Standards Act.

The Duty to Mitigate: moving to find work after dismissal

Simon and Wendy wrote an article for The Lawyers Weekly which considered whether a dismissed employee must relocate to fufill the duty to mitigate.

The Common Employer

Simon wrote a paper for the 2008 CLE Employment Law Conference on the “common employer” doctrine, which allows the court to treat different legal entities as one employer for the purpose of attributing liability for damages from a wrongful dismissal.

Telling the boss from hell (politely and tactfully) where to go

Reporting to an ogre? You don’t have to suffer in silence. There are ways to take effective action without losing your job or hurting your career. Simon Kent is quoted in this Globe and Mail article written by Marjo Johne.

Hours of Work and Overtime – A Review of the Employment Standards Act

This article was written and presented by Simon for Lorman Education Services in 2008.

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