Hospital Appeal Board Success

Our client, a medical professional, worked at a hospital where he was granted certain rights to practice, known as “privileges”. After a period of time, the hospital unilaterally changed those privileges without our client’s consent. Our client is challenging the hospital’s actions by having us file an appeal with the Hospital Appeal Board. Before considering […]

TeBaerts v. Penta Building Group, 2015 BCHRT 95

Our client has filed a Human Rights complaint against her employer for discrimination on the basis of her family relationship (i.e. family status). We were recently successful in defending her against the employer’s application to dismiss her complaint.

Steinebach v. Clean Energy Compression Corp., 2015 BCSC 460

Our 49-year old client was dismissed after nearly 20 years of service. Following his dismissal and an unsuccessful search for new employment, he retrained and began a new career. We brought an application for summary trial in BC Supreme Court on his behalf, seeking damages against his former employer for wrongful dismissal. The defendant employer […]

Successful CRA Appeal

We represented a small business in its appeal of a ruling by the Canada Revenue Agency that the business’ workers were properly classified as employees, as opposed to self-employed independent contractors. The effect of this initial ruling was that our client was ordered to make certain EI, CPP and other payments. After reviewing our submissions, […]

Federal Court of Appeal Success

Our client, a maintenance engineer, was dismissed after 15 years on the job. We first represented him at a hearing under the Canada Labour Code, where we asked an Adjudicator to determine his severance entitlements on dismissal. Key to this determination was whether our client had been an employee or independent contractor. We were successful […]

Roga Contracting Ltd. v. Durack, ER #036-329

Our client brought an Employment Standards complaint against his former employer for unpaid wages and severance pay. The employer argued that our client was not entitled to protection under the Employment Standards Act on the basis that he was an independent contractor rather than an employee. The Employment Standards Branch disagreed, finding that our client […]

Lipp v. Maverick’s Sports Lounge, 2014 BCHRT 199

Our client was constructively dismissed from her employment as a server due to her pregnancy. The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal awarded her lost wages plus damages for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect.

Ramsay v. Terrace (City), 2014 BCSC 1292

Our 66 year old client sued the City of Terrace for damages arising from what he claimed was his forced resignation as the City’s chief administrative officer. The City argued that Mr. Ramsay resigned voluntarily and that he was entitled to two weeks’ pay in lieu of notice in accordance with his resignation agreement, and […]

Lim v. Craig’s Boyz Trucking and another, 2014 BCHRT 133

Our client brought a Human Rights complaint against his employer for discrimination on the basis of his disability. The parties agreed to settle the matter shortly before the hearing date, however, the employer refused to complete the settlement for several months. Our client applied to the Human Rights Tribunal for confirmation of the settlement. The […]

Dinwoodie v. Mankovits and another (No. 2), 2014 BCHRT 48

We successfully defended our employer client against a former employee’s claim that her dismissal amounted to discrimination on the basis of sex (pregnancy) under the BC Human Rights Code.

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