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Union Officials: Are They Subject to Employer Discipline?

This article by Heather Hettiarachchi explains the scope of an employer’s right to discipline union officials.

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Heather Hettiarachchi writes about Holiday Party Liability for Small Business BC

In this December 2015 article, Heather Hettiarachchi offers tips to employers on how to minimize the risk of alcohol-related liability during the holiday season.

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Kent Employment Law Profiled by

Kent Employment Law speaks to about our first (successful!) charitable giving campaign.

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Case Law Round-up May 2014 – May 2015 (CLEBC Paper)

In this paper for the 2015 CLE Employment Law Conference, co-author Andres provided a roundup of significant or unique developments that have occurred over the previous year in the employment law field.

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Richard Johnson Writes about Access to Justice in Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Richard Johnson writes about access to justice issues in the most recent issue of Canadian Lawyer magazine.

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Was it Worth It? Jan Wong’s Costly Breach of Confidentiality

When settling a wrongful dismissal claim out of court, employees are typically asked by their employer to sign a release or agreement that outlines the settlement terms. Such documents often impose an obligation of confidentiality on the employee, whereby she agrees not to disclose to anyone the details of the parties’ settlement. The incentive for […]

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What Do the Recent Changes to the Canada Labour Code Mean for Me?

Do you operate in the shipping, railway, air transportation, radio broadcasting, banking, or another federally-regulated industry? If so, your business is likely subject to the Canada Labour Code (the “CLC”), and recent changes to that statute have the potential to significantly reduce the financial and other stress employers experience following an employee complaint for unpaid […]

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Articling Student Erin Kizell Profiled in CBA National Magazine Article (2013)

Articling Student Erin Kizell is profiled in this 2013 CBA National Magazine piece about the role of extracurricular activities in the lives of Canadian law students.

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