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Recap: Virtual Employer Forum – Mental Health Matters

For our April Employer Forum, the focus was workplace mental health – a particularly timely topic given the widely-acknowledged negative impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our mood, functioning and overall psychological wellbeing. Forum facilitators lawyer Fiona McFarlane and former clinical counsellor (and current KEL co-owner) Wendy Woloshyn began the discussion with a […]

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Interns and Volunteers: Beware of “Free” Labour

By Wendy Woloshyn. Several years ago, we wrote a blog post on what we termed the “perils” of unpaid internships. The topic was particularly…topical at the time (2014), as the Canadian Press then reported that unpaid internships were “on the rise in Canada, with some organizations estimating…as many as 300,000 people currently working for free […]

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Non-Competition Covenants: Cautions for Employers

By Ryan Macklon and Wendy Woloshyn. Many employment contracts contain clauses known as restrictive covenants. The most well-known of these are non-competition clauses, which prohibit an employee from competing with their ex-employer’s business after the employment contract is terminated. (Non-solicitation and non-disclosure or confidentiality clauses are the two other categories of restrictive covenants that are […]

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Are Sustainable Employment and a Pandemic Mutually Exclusive?

By Wendy Woloshyn. We’ve spoken previously on our blog about the concept of sustainable employment and how employers can promote enduring workplace relationships based on principles like reciprocity, collaboration, and transparency. But we imagine that some of our readers may be asking whether it’s possible – or even appropriate – to talk about “sustainable” employment […]

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The High Cost of Discriminatory Hiring Practices

By Wendy Woloshyn. Most Canadians are aware that their human rights are protected on the job. What you might not know is that this protection includes the pre-employment stage. If a company’s hiring process discriminates against certain applicants on the basis of a “protected ground” (e.g. race, age, sex, family status, gender identity, etc.), or […]

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Fairness and Transparency are Key When it Comes to Bonus Entitlements on Dismissal

By Wendy Woloshyn. What happens if an employee gets fired without cause before his or her bonus gets paid? What if the employment contract says that to receive the bonus, the employee must still be employed at the time it’s paid out? The answers might surprise you. Integral and Discretionary My colleague Richard Johnson has […]

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It’s Not Me, it’s You: Probation FAQs

By Kimberly Darling and Wendy Woloshyn. (Originally posted December 2018, updated February 2020) We have considered probation a number of times previously on our blog, usually from the point of view of the employer. In this post, we’re going back to basics, with what we’re calling “Probation FAQs” for employers and employees. What is probation? […]

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Recap: #Retreat2018

By Wendy Woloshyn. Summer is (almost) here, so it must be time for the Second Annual Kent/Connect Team (+ Family and Pets) Retreat! To truly give our Kelowna office folks a “retreat” experience, we decided to venture slightly west of last year’s location and congregate in Penticton for our weekend away. Given the success of […]

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The Sale of a Business: What Does it Mean for the Employment Relationship?

You’ve decided to sell the business. What does this mean for your employees and their future with the enterprise?

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B Corp: Celebrating Recertification

By Wendy Woloshyn. In 2015, we became the first B Corp law firm in Canada – and were more than just a little proud! It’s now 2017, and what a (positive) difference two years makes. 2017 Recertification and Audit To remain a B Corp, an organization must “recertify” biennially, so our turn was up in […]

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