COVID-19 Videos

Return to Work Tips for Employers and Employees

Cause or No Cause: The Non-Isolating Nanny

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Financial Options for Self-Employed Individuals

We’re Here to Help

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David Brown Answers Your Questions about CERB and Return to Work

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BC Extends Temporary Layoffs to 16 Weeks

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EI and Emergency Benefits for Workers

Financial Relief for Canada’s Students

BC Emergency Benefit for Workers

Staying Sane While Stuck Inside

COVID-19 and Mental Health Protections for Workers: Panel Video

COVID-19 and Workplace Human Rights: Panel Video

CERB: Increased Access for More Workers

Can My Employer Ask Not to Pay Me?

Frustration of Contract and Unforeseen Circumstances

Employee Childcare Obligations and the Right to Accommodation

Canada’s Wage Subsidy Programs for Employers

Is the CERB Available If I’m Working Reduced Hours?

The CERB and Maternity / Parental Leave

Working at Home with Kids

EI and the CERB: Your Questions Answered, Part 2

Tips for Employers Facing Work Refusal

Does Vacation Accrue During a Leave from Work?

Dismissal and Severance: What Are You Entitled To?

EI and the CERB: Your Questions Answered

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COVID-19: Workplace Health and Safety

COVID-19: Frustration of Contract

COVID-19: Are Temporary Layoffs from Work Permitted?


COVID-19: Can Workers Refuse Work?