Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Kent Employment Law is serious about conducting business in a way that protects and improves the state of the environment. We are committed to reducing our own environmental footprint, and we do so by improving energy efficiency, using resources responsibly, and reducing waste.

Here are some examples of how we fulfill our sustainability commitment:

  • Mills Office Supplies. We have chosen Mills Office Productivity, a certified B Corp and an innovator in sustainable practices, as our supplier of office products for our business. Mills not only supports our environmental goals, but inspires us by example. To get inspired yourself, watch Mills’ video on sustainability and corporate responsibility.
  • Wheat Paper. There is no escaping the fact that legal work is paper-heavy. To mitigate our impact on the environment, we use Sugar Sheet copy paper, which is forest-free, 100% sugar cane fibre paper, for the vast majority of our printing. You can learn more about Sugar Sheet here.
  • Plastics, glass, metals and organics. We responsibly reduce and manage the disposition of waste by reusing material where feasible, recycling what cannot be reused, and composting our organics.
  • Sustainable Recycling. We have partnered with Urban Impact to recycle the paper that we do use, and over the last four years alone (2013 through 2016), our recycling efforts have accomplished the following:
    • 1,116 kilograms of paper waste was diverted from landfills
    • 4.0 tonnes of carbon WAS NOT pumped into our atmosphere
    • 32,324 litres of water, 20 trees, and 5,001 kwh of electricity were saved
  • Community Cleanup. We conducted a block neighbourhood cleanup in our False Creek community, through the City of Vancouver’s Keep Vancouver Spectacular program.
  • Individual Contributions. We also make sustainable contributions on an individual level. As an example, Simon Kent drives an electric vehicle and is currently exploring possible renewable energy projects, such as developing a BC-based solar power farm. He also has a keen interest in urban beekeeping, which improves pollination in community and public gardens and leads to better vegetable production. His first hive has arrived, and he is now officially a hobby beekeeper!

Bee photoWe are proud of what we have accomplished thus far, but have no intention of stopping there.

We continue to explore and implement new sustainability solutions, and invite other like-minded environmental advocates to connect with us and share your ideas for greening our business by email at sustainability@kentemploymentlaw.com or on Twitter @Kent_Employment.