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David Brown Partners with CPHR for Webinar on Managing Disruptive Technologies (July 2019)

We are on the cusp of a dramatic technological revolution. Are we ready for this change and its impact on our workplaces? Join Kent Employment Law lawyer David Brown to explore this timely topic and HR’s role in managing disruptive technologies.

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David Brown Partners with CPHR for Webinar on Workplace Mental Health (June 2019)

Mental illness is on the rise in Canadian workplaces. Join David to learn about this challenging topic and the legalities of dismissing employees with mental health issues.

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Law and the Gig Economy: CBA Webinar with Geoff Mason (May 2019)

Law and the Gig Economy May 14, 2019, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (Pacific Time) Webinar Intuit Canada says freelancers, independent contractors and on-demand workers will make up 45 per cent of the Canadian workforce by 2020.  Whether it’s Uber, SkiptheDishes, Etsy or more independent options, “side hustles” are changing the economy in British Columbia.  Our panelists […]


Geoff Mason Lectures at Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management (March and April 2019)

What do hospitality industry professionals need to know about employment law? Students at Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management are about to find out! This Spring, Geoff Mason visits VPCHM’s BUS 301 class as a guest lecturer to share his expertise on workplace human rights and employment standards laws. Hope to see you there!


Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves Present to Vancouver & District Dental Society (April 2019)

On April 29th, Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves join the Vancouver & District Dental Society to help educate dentists about the legal and HR issues they face as employers.

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Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves Speak at Pacific Dental Conference (Mar 2019)

At this year’s Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves, Principal at Project House Business Solutions, will speak about the legal and human resources issues that dentists face as employers.


Richard Johnson at HRD Employment Law Masterclass (Feb 2019)

Guest presenter Richard Johnson will speak to BC business owners and HR professionals about the legalization of recreational marijuana, and the risks and challenges cannabis presents to the workplace in a changing legislative and cultural landscape.


Erin Brandt at CPHR Vancouver Legal Symposium (Jan 2019)

Join Erin Brandt at CPHR’s Yukon Legal Symposium 2018 in Whitehorse to learn how labour and employment law is continuously changing and evolving.


Paula Krawus and Heidi Eaves at CPHR Diversity + Inclusion Seminar (Nov 2018)

Join Paula and Heidi to explore how the issues we face today interact with our current legal landscape.

David Brown KEL Kelowna Lawyer

Marijuana in the Workplace: What’s the Diagnosis? (On-Demand Webinar)

A key component of the Federal Liberal party’s election mandate was the legalization of recreational marijuana. While it is believed that a fully functional legislative and regulatory scheme ending the prohibition of cannabis will not be ready for some time, the prospects of legalized cannabis in the workplace has some companies feeling more than a […]

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