Employment Contracts

The employment contract is the foundational document for the relationship between employer and employee, covering topics such as compensation, termination and severance.

However, because of perceived time or money constraints, or simple uncertainty, many employers don’t use written employment agreements in their business. Unfortunately, such employers miss out on an opportunity to limit their financial liability on dismissal and achieve clarity around all aspects of the employment relationship.

At Kent Employment Law, we encourage employers to take the same approach to your employee contracts that you do to all your key business decisions: Gather and assess all the relevant information, then make a well-thought out, proactive choice, supported by a knowledgeable, experienced advisor.

That’s where we come in. No matter the state of your employment contracts, we can help. We can draft new ones or help you update the ones already in place. And for employers wanting to adopt sustainable employment workplace practices, we can craft fair, transparent and reciprocal agreements that promote this.

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