Fiona McFarlane

Fiona is a solution-finder. When faced with a complex legal problem, she combines a keen litigator mindset with a careful consideration of the context to reach practical, positive outcomes for her clients. And with over 10 years of experience advising on a diverse range of matters that includes human rights, workplace investigations, wills and estates, commercial transactions, and Indigenous rights and title, Fiona takes a truly client-centered approach to her practice.

An ocean enthusiast, Fiona views the workplace like a 27-foot sailboat: everyone onboard needs to work together to get the vessel to its destination – and jumping ship is not an option. Helping employers and employees navigate their sometimes rocky employment relationships, her focus is on empowering clients to eventually drive the boat without her. Fiona’s background in both the public and private sectors makes her an excellent fit for businesses and workers operating in traditional industries and more contemporary markets. Her experience as government counsel appeals to federally-regulated employers wanting to adapt to evolving workplace cultures.

A Vancouver native, Fiona embodies the best of the West (coast). Happy both on land and at sea, when not in the office she can be found paddleboarding, sailing, or hiking trails with her Border Collie. Fiona is also strongly committed to giving back and is a long-time volunteer with the Girl Guides of Canada where she works to be a catalyst for girls empowering girls.

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