Geoff Mason

Geoff Mason - Committed Champion

Geoff thrives in a crowd – whether he’s leading it, mobilizing it, or simply part of the team. Approachable, responsive and compassionate, he has an uncanny knack for putting others at ease and creating connections. His genuine interest in and curiosity about people, coupled with his seemingly limitless enthusiasm, make Geoff a natural fit for the very human work that is employment law.

With a legal background supporting companies spanning industries from forestry and mining to tech startups, Geoff is familiar with the broad spectrum of business cultures operating in BC. He is also a strong proponent of the principles of sustainable employment who enjoys translating theory into practice by educating employers and empowering employees.

While adventurous and well-travelled, Geoff has solid roots in the Lower Mainland having grown up in Delta. Passionate about his hometown and his province as a whole, he has a long history of community involvement, with a hockey bronze medal at BC’s Winter Games standing out as a particular highlight. Geoff is now focusing his give-back on providing public education through various channels including as a guest lecturer at the Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management and a presenter at the BC Epilepsy Society AGM (2019). Our resident expert on all things “gig economy”, Geoff has been a frequent guest on local radio shows and podcasts focusing on this timely workplace topic.