Janelle Neufeld

Janelle Neufeld - Indispensable Implementer

Janelle is our office chameleon. From client relations to billing to operations support to document management, she has a unique ability to smoothly and successfully adapt to whatever (friendly) demands are placed on her. And her quiet focus and calm energy are a refreshing oasis in a legal landscape highly populated by extroverts.

Good with people, processes, paperwork, and follow-through, Janelle plays an essential role in forwarding the action on our clients’ files. As an active participant in our firm’s social and community initiatives, she is also a key player in our efforts to implement our sustainable employment ideas in-house and bring to life our vision of an innovation-oriented law firm.

As if we hadn’t already loaded enough on Janelle’s plate, she spent the last number of years simultaneously pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Criminology (which she completed in 2018!). Add this to the Diploma in Criminal and Social Justice she received previously, and we start to worry that a career in employment law may not be glamorous enough for the long haul. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed.