Wendy Woloshyn

Wendy Woloshyn - Satisfied Scribe

Wendy is the voice of the firm. After years of practicing law in its many shapes and sizes, she now puts her legal knowledge and superior scribal skills to different (but still good) use as the firm’s marketing and communications strategist. With an unusual ability to translate complicated legal concepts into language that is both plain and engaging, Wendy has helped us stay at the leading edge of law firm online and social media activity.

In addition to her primary role as wordsmith, Wendy also provides support to the entire Kent Employment Law team, fulfilling such diverse functions as editor, cheerleader, brainstormer, and party planner. Highly efficient, she proves the adage “if you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

Wendy’s words are found throughout this website, from the sustainable employment and other resources we have prepared for employers, to several Continuing Legal Education Papers prepared for Vancouver’s annual Employment Law Conference, to the copy on this site itself. The best part of her day is learning that someone not only read something she wrote, but enjoyed it!