Sean Marzinzik


Office: 236-420-1946 ext. 304
Direct: 778-380-0286

A champion for his clients, Sean is just as comfortable acting as an advocate as he is empowering others to speak for themselves. He is instantly likable and easy to talk to, using equal parts empathy and humour to put both clients and colleagues at ease.

Sean’s pre-law background working in coaching and public-facing roles taught him how fundamental listening is to effective problem-solving.  He takes a measured approach to his clients’ issues and carefully weighs all possibilities and perspectives before recommending any course of action. Business owners and workers who are looking for a thoughtful, attentive legal advisor will appreciate Sean’s facilitative, collaborative style.

Sean grew up in many different communities across western Canada but has spent his adult life in Kelowna and is a proud third-generation resident of the city. In his time out of the office, Sean spends as much time as he can enjoying the Okanagan with his young family and friends, whether that be outdoors or a local patio.


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