In 2018, Kent Employment Law launched its YouTube channel and began publishing a series of vlog (video blogs) posts dealing with timely employment law topics of interest to both employers and employees. We invite you to watch these videos below and subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date on the hottest workplace topics.

Tattoos in the Workplace (Richard Johnson)

You Get Fired after Giving Notice: Are You Entitled to Severance? (Kim Darling)

My Boss Wants Me to Sign a New Contract – Should I? (Richard Johnson)

Employment Standards: What Are They and How Can You Enforce Them? (Kim Darling)

What is “Time Theft” and Is It a Big Deal? (Kim Darling and Simon Kent)

There’s a Confidentiality Clause in My Release: What Does it Mean? (Paula Krawus)

I Lost My Job – Do I Still Get My Bonus? (Trevor Thomas)

Workplace Hugging: Is It Ever Appropriate (Kim Darling, Simon Kent, Erin Brandt)

Lice and Bedbugs: A Workplace Health and Safety Issue (Richard Johnson)

What is an “Unjust Dismissal”? (Paula Krawus)

Pink Slip Pending? Here’s What to Do (David Brown)

Religion in the Workplace: An Employer’s Duty to Accommodate (Richard Johnson)

What is “Constructive Dismissal”? (Trevor Thomas)

Workplace Dress Codes: How to Have Difficult Conversations (Paula Krawus and Richard Johnson)

Stock Options (Use Them or Lose Them) (Richard Johnson)

Lawyers’ Fees: You Have Options!

Workplace Dating Dos and Don’ts (Paula Krawus and Richard Johnson)

Humanity in the Workplace (Richard Johnson)

What is the Canada Labour Code and who does it apply to? (Paula Krawus)

Employment Standards Minimums: Why You May be Entitled to More (David Brown)

“How-To”: The 3 Steps in Firing an Employee (Trevor Thomas)

Workplace Suspensions: Employer Dos and Don’ts (Richard Johnson)

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: What’s the Difference? (Erin Brandt)

Skin in the Workplace: The Teenie Bikini Bistro Controversy (Kim Darling, David Brown and Erin Brandt)

How to Create Three-Day Weekends (David Brown)

Dismissing a transgender employee (Erin Brandt)

Did a US employer have just cause to fire this employee for off duty racial profiling? You Decide (Simon Kent and Erin Brandt)

What are the financial risks of failing to register for WorksafeBC? (Paula Krawus)

Flexible Work Arrangements: Good for Everyone (Kim Darling)

What is a Release and Should I Sign One? (Trevor Thomas)

Narrowing the Gender Pay Gap: Tips for Employers (Erin Brandt)

Is my employment contract valid? (Paula Krawus)

Recording Workplace Conversations: Lessons from the Jody Wilson-Raybould Scandal (Erin Brandt and Richard Johnson)


My employer hasn’t done my performance evaluation – should I be worried? (Richard Johnson)

As a salaried employee, am I entitled to overtime pay? (David Brown)

Reference letters: yay or nay? (Simon Kent)

I want to file a complaint against my employer – what should I do? (Paula Krawus)

Can employees bank overtime and take time off later? (David Brown)

Can you fire a sick employee? (Erin Brandt)


Does your workplace need gender-neutral bathrooms? (Paula Krawus)

What you need to know about parental leave (David Brown)

Are you entitled to overtime pay? (Richard Johnson)

Is it legal to record a conversation at work? (Simon Kent)

What should you do if you’ve experienced discrimination at work? (Trevor Thomas)

Can social media cost you your job? (Erin Brandt and Tara Clark)


Can I smoke weed at work? (David Brown)

Should an employer be able to enforce a bra policy in the workplace? (Kent panel)

Employers ban on and off-duty marijuana use. (Kent panel)

Compensation for travel to and from work (Erin Brandt)

When to tell your employer you’re pregnant (Erin Brandt)

Marijuana in the workplace (Erin Brandt)

Returning to Work After Divorce (Erin Brandt and Simon Kent)

Should We Ban Emails After Hours? (Erin Brandt and Simon Kent)

Server defends herself with a bodyslam (Erin Brandt and Simon Kent)

Dealing with Smelly Co-Workers (Erin Brandt and Simon Kent)

Can You be Fired for Your Political Beliefs? (Erin Brandt and Simon Kent)