Harassment in the Hospitality Industry: Employee Rights and Employer Risk Management

Unfortunately, workplace sexual harassment continues to be one of the most pressing issues facing modern business owners. How can employers safeguard their employees’ rights while also managing risk? Earlier this month, Kent Employment Law lawyer Trevor Thomas joined lawyer Shea Coulson and Director of Operations at L’Abattoir Restaurant Lisa Haley to share their legal and […]

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Ruby Blues

Recap: #Retreat2018

By Wendy Woloshyn. Summer is (almost) here, so it must be time for the Second Annual Kent/Connect Team (+ Family and Pets) Retreat! To truly give our Kelowna office folks a “retreat” experience, we decided to venture slightly west of last year’s location and congregate in Penticton for our weekend away. Given the success of […]

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Kindness is Key. Try it.

In his latest LinkedIn article, Richard Johnson argues that a bit of kindness and empathy may very well be the antidote to at least some of the workplace issues he sees in his practice. To learn more about this (controversial?) approach to employment relationships, check out the full article here.    

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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Review Your Employment Contract

By Tiffany Zanatta. Congratulations! You’ve been offered your dream job. Why the long face? Ah. Your new employer has sent you an employment contract, but you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it, let alone reading it – there’s a lot of information to take in. Should you just sign it? Maybe – but you’d be […]

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Workplace Sexual Harassment: An Employment Law Perspective

From both a legal and a human perspective, a well-functioning and sustainable workplace must confront and find ways to remedy issues of sexual harassment.

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Recourse under the Canada Labour Code: An Option Worth Considering

In every case of dismissal, one of the first questions to ask should be whether the Code applies. The answer is more complicated that one might think.

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Feeling left out? You’re not alone! Exclusions under the BC Employment Standards Act (Part 2)

The BC Employment Standards Act and the BC Employment Standards Regulation contain a multitude of exclusions that leave many employees without the benefits and protections provided for by the Act relating to things like wages, hours of work, leave, vacation pay and overtime. Samantha Stepney explains.

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The Gig Economy: How Should Regulators Respond?

By Geoff Mason. While you might not have heard the term before, the “gig economy” has grown tremendously over the past decade or so. The broader concept of the gig economy is foreign to most, but the companies that comprise it are familiar to many. Uber, Airbnb, and Grubhub are all examples of companies operating […]

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PDC 2018 Recap: Erin and Heidi Share their Expertise

Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves (from Project House Business Solutions) recently spoke to dental professionals at Vancouver’s 2018 Pacific Dental Conference about creating healthy, engaging and legally compliant workplaces. The conversation was wide-ranging…

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The Sale of a Business: What Does it Mean for the Employment Relationship?

You’ve decided to sell the business. What does this mean for your employees and their future with the enterprise?

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