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David Brown Presents at 58th Annual CPHR BC & Yukon HR Conference & Expo (April 2020)

With the legalization of cannabis, Canadians have a legal right to consume cannabis. Employers have concerns about the possible impact on employees’ performance during working hours. Join David Brown and other experts as they discuss the legal, medical and practical issues facing employers when it comes to cannabis in the workplace.

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Job Abandonment: Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread

By Gurkirat Singh Dhillon. Are you an employer who just learned that one of your employees has not shown up to work in a while? Did that employee communicate with his or her manager about this absence? Have calls and emails to the employee gone unanswered? Depending on the answers to these questions, you may […]

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Richard Johnson at HRD Employment Law Masterclass (Feb 2020)

Join KEL Partner Richard Johnson at this year’s HRD Employment Law Masterclass in Vancouver on Feb 19 to learn everything you need to know about long-term absenteeism in the workplace!

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Angry Tweet leads to Dismissal: Richard Johnson Speaks to CTV News

Employee who got $6 BBQ sauce as holiday gift says he was fired for angry tweet By Graham Slaughter. CTV, January 3, 2020 A BC employee was fired after complaining on Twitter that his employer gave him a cheap, seemingly thoughtless gift for Christmas. Was the firing legal? Or just ill-advised? Lawyer Richard Johnson […]

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We’re Hiring – Kelowna Employment Lawyer (Litigation Associate)

Nestled in the Okanagan wine country, our Kelowna office is hiring a litigation associate to help service our growing client base. The ideal candidate will have 0-3 years of experience, although a background in employment litigation is a strong asset. More than anything, our ideal candidate is highly motivated to learn, possesses the temperament to […]

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Workplace Defamation: Trevor Thomas Speaks to HRD Canada (December 2019)

Can employees sue HR over bad references? By Rachel Ranosa, Human Resources Director Canada, December 11, 2019 Defamation in the workplace isn’t limited to gossiping around the watercooler. Sometimes, an employer who provides false statements about a former employee during a background check may end up getting sued for defamation. Find out more, including what […]

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Harassment Complaint against UVIC Coach: Richard Quoted in CP Article

UVic threatens disciplinary action if athletes speak about coach investigation By Laura Kane, The Canadian Press, November 22, 2019 Three rowers who accused their coach of harassment and verbal abuse say the University of Victoria has threatened them with disciplinary action if they speak about the results of the investigation. Find out more, including what […]

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Employee Off-Duty Conduct: Richard Johnson Speaks to CBC

Drunken, heated argument about sugar daddies gets server fired — but leads to sweet payout By Liam Britten, British Columbia, CBC, November 22, 2019 KEL Partner Richard Johnson says he’s not surprised by a recent tribunal ruling that found a Vancouver restaurant did not have just cause when it fired a part-time server for her […]

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December Dismissals: What are the Risks for Employers?

(Originally published 2015. Updated November 2019) Lawyer Richard Johnson, Contributor. As we’ve explained elsewhere in this blog, unless there is a termination clause in her employment contract, the amount of notice or severance a dismissed employee is entitled to depends on several factors, namely: The nature of her employment Her length of service Her age […]

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The High Cost of Discriminatory Hiring Practices

By Wendy Woloshyn. Most Canadians are aware that their human rights are protected on the job. What you might not know is that this protection includes the pre-employment stage. If a company’s hiring process discriminates against certain applicants on the basis of a “protected ground” (e.g. race, age, sex, family status, gender identity, etc.), or […]

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