About Kent Employment Law

Kent Employment Law provides advice and representation to both employers and employees, covering the full spectrum of workplace legal matters. After more than two decades in operation, our firm enjoys an excellent reputation throughout Western Canada and the Far North. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, and from a rich diversity of industries and backgrounds, giving our team of dedicated employment lawyers a deep and varied well of knowledge and experience to draw on as we work to solve your problems.

Quality employment law services tailored to your needs

Kent Employment Law advises and represents individuals and organizations on all legal matters relating to the workplace. Whoever the client and whatever the issues at stake, our employment lawyers add value to every service they provide by both educating and listening to the client, and paying attention to detail. Above all else, our lawyers are persistent, providing steadfast advocacy that honors our firm’s mission to empower people.

Our team has the experience and expertise to advise on all major areas of employment law, from recruitment, contracts, and compensation/benefits issues to promotion/demotion, severance, and wrongful dismissal.

It is our distinctive approach, though, that has set Kent apart as one of Western Canada’s most trusted and respected employment law firms. We focus on empowering people and organizations by protecting their legal rights, a strategy that yields positive outcomes and lasting impacts in a sustainable environment.

Why choose Kent as your employment law firm

Kent employment lawyers are hard-working people you can trust, not just to provide sound advice and effective advocacy, but also to be proactive by taking the time to understand the full scope of your situation, and educating you on what options are available. Our team has the experience and the expertise to figure out the most complex challenges, the outlook to see past superficial obstacles, and the grit to dismantle or otherwise overcome more substantial ones.

Part of what makes Kent unique is our approach to workplace relationships. We call it “Sustainable Employment”. This approach aims to build workplaces that emphasize transparency, collaboration, and fairness. In turn, this fosters a culture of closer engagement, deeper commitment, and higher productivity, the fruits of which are shared more equitably, allowing the entire cycle to perpetuate itself.

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Services for employers

Does your organization have trouble attracting and retaining talent? Are managers and staff often at odds over the determination of commissions or bonuses? Do different departments have trouble working together? The Kent approach focuses on helping employers maintain healthy, happy, and productive workplaces by developing sustainable employment policies, from recruitment and onboarding to promotion and retirement. We work with businesses of all sizes, representing a wide variety of industries and workplace contexts, to resolve existing issues and prevent future ones by keeping all stakeholders on the same page.

Services for employees

Have you lost your job? Are you starting a new one? Could you be facing changes to your compensation package or other aspects of your current position? Are you concerned about how a co-worker or supervisor is treating you? Whatever your workplace situation may be, Kent Employment Law understands the issues facing employees, and we can help educate you about your rights, how to protect them, and how related legal processes work. Whatever the circumstances and what it takes to improve them, our goal is to support you in achieving fair and sustainable outcomes in the workplace.


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