Resource Library

We are pleased to share with you the various employment law resources we have created for employers and employees.

Sustainable Employment™

This section features resources designed to help acquaint readers with various areas and concepts of employment law, in particular the adoption of Sustainable Employment practices in the workplace. The centrepiece of this is our E-book, “An Introduction to Sustainable Employment,” along with supporting Guides and Checklists. Although most of the following material was written with employers as the primary audience, the information is also of vital importance to employees seeking to better understand their rights and how to protect them.

White Paper

This section features two White Papers we have written with employers in mind. The first explains how to combine good business practice with legal compliance on matters relating to wages, overtime, and severance; the second focuses on proper handling of what is called “innocent” employee absenteeism, i.e. that caused by illness or disability.


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