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Kent’s employment law services address the special concerns of workers, especially when it comes to contract negotiation and securing their workplace rights, in particular those regarding severance, disability, and harassment.

Ensuring fair treatment and protecting your rights on the job

Whether you’re starting a new job or leaving an old one, recovering from illness/injury, or just trying to figure out what your basic rights are, Kent’s employment lawyers can help ensure that you get everything you’re entitled to. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help workers at each and every stage of the employment relationship, including:

  • Negotiating employment contracts
  • Wrongful dismissal and severance package claims
  • Disability issues
  • Workplace human rights, discrimination, bullying, and harassment
  • Your Employment Standards rights to wages and overtime, as well as vacation pay, maternity, and other types of leave, etc.
  • Compensation, including employee stock options, incentive plans, pensions and benefits issues
  • Canada Labour Code issues

The Kent approach: focused on fairness in the workplace

Kent’s employment lawyers have extensive knowledge in their field and empathy for the dilemmas often faced by people who find themselves in a dispute with a current or former employer. The fact is that while laws are in place to protect the interests of all workers, many employees are unaware of their rights, unsure of how to enforce them, or unwilling to speak up for fear of being penalized in some way.

At Kent Employment Law, we understand the feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability that can arise in such situations, but we also know that the right advice can serve as both sword and shield in any struggle to secure your rights. We know the law, and since our practice includes working with employers as well, we are extremely well-versed in the strategies that secure fair outcomes.

To learn more about how Kent’s employment lawyers can support you in securing your rights and achieving fair and equitable outcomes, explore the links below.

Sustainable Employment™

A new model
for workplace relationships

Enable a workplace culture that is transparent, cooperative, and respectful, and that allows both employer and employee to succeed and find meaning in their work, on an ongoing basis.

    Our process

    What can you expect when first meeting with our team? The first step in the process is always an initial consultation. This introductory meeting, which will last about an hour, is a chance for you to tell us your story and describe any concerns you may have. It also constitutes an opportunity for you to ask questions about Kent Employment Law and see if our firm is a good fit.

    Frequently asked questions

    The law is a complicated and often intimidating field, and common misconceptions often dissuade people and organizations from exercising their rights, taking preventive action, or otherwise protecting their own interests. Don’t be one of them. Have a look at our FAQs to learn more about the ins and outs of putting Kent Employment Law to work for you.

    Resource library

    One way or another, employment law affects virtually all of us for most of our lives. Our resources library offers several tools to get you acquainted with some of the basic principles and practices that lead to better management of employee-employer relationships, including our own E-book, “An Introduction to Sustainable Employment™”.


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