Workplace investigation

Even the most successful business will inevitably experience one or more employee-related crises, from accusations of bullying and harassment to theft of company property or other forms of serious misconduct. Often-times the truth of such matters is difficult to discern, but failing to resolve them promptly and fairly risks not only undermining morale and productivity, but also exposing your organization to significant financial liabilities. Time is of the essence, therefore, but so are accuracy, thoroughness, and discretion.

What should you do?

Before you do anything, you need to gather all the facts while making sure you understand and comply with both your and your employees’ workplace rights and responsibilities. While some employers choose to resolve such conflicts using internal resources, the wiser and safer choice is often to hire an independent third party to conduct an investigation. Taking this route eliminates bias, encourages employee openness, and ensures that your employees will view the process as fair.

If you want the support of external professionals, Kent Employment Law can help. We have both the legal and the HR expertise needed to complete comprehensive workplace investigations, from the initial interviews to the final report summarizing our findings and recommendations. And for employers wanting to adopt Sustainable Employment™ workplace practices, our fair, respectful, and impartial approach to investigations will promote those outcomes, too.


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