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Erin Brandt at Yukon Legal Symposium (Nov 2018)

Join Erin Brandt at CPHR’s Yukon Legal Symposium 2018 in Whitehorse to learn how labour and employment law is continuously changing and evolving.

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David Brown and Tifffany Zanatta Speak at CPHR Legal Symposium (June 2018)

Join David Brown and Tiffany Zanatta to get a clear view with expert commentary that is practical and relevant to Human Resources professionals and business leaders.

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Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves at CPHR Legal Symposium (January 2018)

Join Erin Brandt and Heidi Eaves at CPHR’s Legal Symposium 2018 in Vancouver to explore how the issues we face today interact with our current legal landscape.

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Kent Employment Law Highlighted in Triple Pundit Article on Canadian B Corps (Oct 2017)

Canadian B Corps Stand Against Hate and Discrimination in the Workplace By Melissa Schweyer (for Triple Pundit) In a recent article for Triple Pundit highlighting four Canadian B Corps taking a stand against discrimination and hate, Melissa Schweyer speaks to Trevor Thomas about Kent Employment Law’s values and our commitment to diversity and inclusion. You […]

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