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Workplace Sexual Harassment: An Employment Law Perspective

From both a legal and a human perspective, a well-functioning and sustainable workplace must confront and find ways to remedy issues of sexual harassment.

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Why is sexual harassment not going away? (Erin Brandt quoted in Canadian HR Reporter)

For the November 27, 2017 issue of Canadian HR Reporter, Marcel Vander Wierr spoke to various legal and HR experts, including Kent Employment Law’s Erin Brandt, about the important role that human resources professionals and managers play in preventing and addressing workplace sexual harassment.  For Erin’s insights on this timely topic, read the article here.

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When Hugging Becomes Harassment

Lawyer Erin Brandt, Contributor.  In many circumstances, hugging represents an act of affection or comfort. An unexpected or unwanted hug, however, is another thing entirely – it violates personal space and boundaries and can cause mental and emotional distress. And, from a legal perspective, if it happens in the workplace, it can amount to sexual […]

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