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Erin Brandt Vancouver Startup Week

Gender-Based Dress Codes: Did We Need Another Law?

By Erin Brandt. Updated April 21, 2017 (Originally posted March 31, 2017) Gender-based dress codes have lately become a media “hot topic”. In March, I joined the public discussion when I spoke to CBC’s Andrew Chang  about BC Green party leader Andrew Weaver’s proposal to outlaw high heels in the workplace. Much of the focus in […]

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Thorp case illustrates the low spark of high-heeled job requirements: Business In Vancouver

By Fiona Anderson. Much ado has been made about the new rules that say employers can’t require women to wear high heels at work. The issue first came to my attention when the New York Times in January ran a story about an actress in England who was sent home from a temporary clerical assignment […]

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Protecting International Human Rights: The Role of Canadian Courts

By Erin Brandt. What role can Canadian courts play when a company is accused of overseas human rights abuses? Erin Brandt considers this question in her latest case law update. Read Erin’s review of the recent British Columbia Court of Appeal decision in Garcia v. Tahoe Resources here.

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David Brown KEL Kelowna Lawyer

David Brown to Speak at Family Enterprise Xchange Okanagan (April 2017)

In this timely discussion, KEL Kelowna’s David Brown will be presenting on employers’ obligations under the British Columbia Human Rights Code, including a discussion on the always challenging topics of disability management, the duty to accommodate and undue hardship.

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Erin Brandt Vancouver Startup Week

Focus on Fairness: Garcia v. Tahoe Resources

By Erin Brandt. What happens when a Canadian company is accused of human rights violations in a foreign jurisdiction? A recent British Columbia court ruling suggests that businesses with overseas operations may soon be subject to increased scrutiny from Canadian courts. In theory, an individual alleging human rights abuses would take legal action in the […]

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Focus on ideal fit when seeking new legal position: AdvocateDaily.com

For lawyers considering a new career opportunity, focusing on how you will fit into a prospective work environment is critical in order to avoid “going from the frying pan into the fire” and being forced to move on again within a short period of time, Vancouver employment lawyer Richard Johnson tells Lawyers Weekly.

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Human rights tribunal a ‘safety net’ against workplace ageism: AdvocateDaily.com

One of the most important provisions in the British Columbia Human Rights Code is the protection from being discriminated against because of age — including in the context of getting and holding a job, Vancouver employment lawyer Richard Johnson writes in Inspired Senior Living magazine.

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Live Long and Prosper: Human Rights are Alive and Well (Inspired Senior Living)

In the November 2016 issue of Inspired Senior Living, Richard Johnson explains how BC human rights laws protect employees from age-based discrimination.

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When Hugging Becomes Harassment

Lawyer Erin Brandt (nee Kizell), Contributor.  In many circumstances, hugging represents an act of affection or comfort. An unexpected or unwanted hug, however, is another thing entirely – it violates personal space and boundaries and can cause mental and emotional distress. And, from a legal perspective, if it happens in the workplace, it can amount […]

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What is a Disability: Guidance for the Workplace

As an employer, you’re committed to creating a workplace free from discrimination. You understand the scope and purpose of Canadian human rights laws, and you have policies and processes in place to enable tolerant and respectful employment relationships. But for even the most diligent business owners, there can still be questions about how human rights […]

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