Sustainable Employment

Did You Know?

Business and HR leaders worldwide view culture and engagement as the most important issues facing them today?
Only 13% of the global workforce is “highly engaged”?
A significant segment of the population believes meaningful work is more important than a high salary?


…a workplace where both employer and employee can commit to each other, succeed and find meaning in their work.
You don’t have to imagine it, we’ve created it.

It’s called Sustainable Employment®.

What is Sustainable Employment?

A new model of workplace relationship.
An enduring, mutually-beneficial, and purposeful working engagement between employer and employee.
A flexible, adaptive relationship where both parties’ needs are clearly-defined, balanced and accommodated.

10 Core Components 

1. Mutual benefit
2. Clarity
3. Transparency
4. Fairness
5. Respect
6. Collaboration
7. Accommodation
8. Ownership
9. Control
10. Purpose

Where Do We Fit In?

Our lawyers practice exclusively in the field of employment law. We are committed to promoting sustainable employment practices.
We empower business owners, managers and HR professionals to create mutually beneficial employment relationships built on respect and collaboration.
The result is an engaged and purpose-driven workplace culture.

How Do We Do This?

By providing a legal framework designed to build Sustainable Employment relationships. This includes:

Practical and timely legal advice
Clear, proactive collaborative communication
Employment contracts, policies and other documents based on the 10 Core Components

 Learn More…

Please visit our online Resource Library here for resources to help you adopt Sustainable Employment practices in your workplace.

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