Gurkirat Singh Dhillon interviewed with Red FM Vancouver’s The Evening Show regarding employment related matters.

This interview was conducted in Punjabi, and the link provided by Red FM Vancouver

This interview covers the following topics:

Wage Theft
• What if my employer doesn’t pay me what I’m owed?
• Am I legally entitled to minimum wage even if I am working on cash?
• Do employers not have to pay someone they were only trying out? T
• What is the law regarding trial shifts?
• Unpaid Training: When is it legal and when is it illegal?

Hiring and Firing

• Could you point out important things to look for in the employment contract before signing one (Especially for international students who have no work background)?
• Does an employer need cause to terminate an employee?
• What does it mean to be fired for “just cause”?
• What does it mean to be fired for “without cause”?

Time Theft
• What is time theft at work, and can you get fired for it?

• Leave policy in B.C & an employee’s right to unpaid protected leave.

Red FM Vancouver Evening Show – Interview with Gurkirat Singh Dhillon

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