Erin Brandt

Erin Brandt - Change Maker

Erin is what Malcolm Gladwell calls a connector. Strong community roots, genuine curiosity and a deep caring for others make her a true “people person”. She is forward-thinking, and combines a millennial mindset with legal creativity to create impact and change in her clients’ lives.

Her main drivers are fairness and innovation, values which serve Erin well when advising players in emerging industries, as well as more established businesses who want to “do right”. She is a good fit for both employer and employee clients seeking a reasonable, collaborative solution to their workplace issues.

Erin’s status as a community leader is reflected in her active participation in Beth Israel Synagogue, where she sits as a member of the Young Adult Committee. Her give-back extends to the legal profession itself. Erin mentors the next generation of lawyers in BC through her role as supervising lawyer at UBC’s Law Students’ Legal Advice Program, and spent many years supporting the professional development of her own legal peer group by sitting on the executive of both the Employment Law Subsection and Young Lawyers Section of the Canadian Bar Association (BC). In addition, she is a regular presenter at the annual CLE Employment Law Conference in Vancouver, having spoken on topics such as directors and officers’ liability (2016), disability and workplace accommodation (2017), and family status accommodation (2018).

Erin is also a frequent contributor to our blog, with a special emphasis on topical issues and workplace human rights, and is the co-creator and co-host of our Facebook vlog series. And, as a four-time speaker at Vancouver Startup Week, she is the voice of employment law for local new business.

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