Trevor Thomas

Trevor Thomas - Sympathetic Strategist

Trevor is a listener. His calm, strategic approach brings order to workplace chaos. And in a profession that is often based on conflict, his thoughtful, reasonable nature sets him apart.

Trevor brings a unique blend of experience, insight and analysis to his work. His ability to combine fresh ideas with solid legal advice appeals to employers and employees who are seeking innovation and change management. His style is well-suited to industries new and old, and particularly to businesses that are future-focused.

An engaging speaker and respected writer, Trevor is often asked to share his legal expertise at community and professional events and is the editor of the employment law section of Clicklaw’s The Legal Help for British Columbians Wikibook (5th edition). He is also the face of our quarterly Employer Forums, our in-house resource for forward-thinking business owners and HR professionals. Situated firmly at the centre of our local B Corp community, Trevor took an active role in organizing and actualizing the May 2016 B Corp Leadership Development (BLD) Conference, the first of its kind in Vancouver.

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