PDC 2018 Recap: Erin and Heidi Share their Expertise

Heidi Eaves (from Project House Business Solutions) and I were delighted to be invited back this year for a second appearance at Vancouver’s annual Pacific Dental Conference to share our employment law and HR expertise with dental professionals from around the world.

Our presentation took the form of an interactive conversation with those who joined us and covered a wide range of employee rights and employer responsibilities. Here are just some of the topics we discussed:

  • “Getting your house (i.e. dental practice) in order”, with enforceable employment agreements, policy manuals, and performance management procedures.
  • Complying with the BC Human Rights Code.
  • Enabling a motivated and engaged workforce.
  • How to dismiss employees in a respectful and legally compliant way.
  • Accommodating pregnancy, family obligations, and mental disability in the workplace.
  • Managing excessive absenteeism in a way that meets your obligations under the BC Human Rights Code.
  • Framing appropriate interview questions.
  • Ensuring that a new hire is able to fulfil the requirements of the position.

While, generally speaking, all BC companies are subject to the same employment laws, there are some workplace issues that are unique to small businesses (as most dental practices are). If you are a dentist with questions about your role and responsibilities as an employer, we can help. Contact Erin today to find out how.

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