Employer Forum – Engagement and Retention: What Works? (Feb 2017)

Kent Employment Law (KEL) invites you to be a part of its ongoing Employer Forums, our resource for forward-thinking business owners and HR professionals.

Created for employers striving to “do good” for their employees, their communities, and the world, our Employer Forums offer an opportunity to connect and learn from each other in a casual, relaxed setting.

With topics ranging from hiring to firing, each Forum rests on the principles of Sustainable Employment and the goals of talent attraction, engagement, productivity and loyalty.

For our February Forum, hosted by KEL Lawyer Trevor Thomas, we are pleased to welcome panelists Danielle Allan, Finance Director at Allan Financial, and Casey Miller, President of 6 1/2 Consulting.

Danielle and Casey will lead a discussion on the topic of Engagement and Retention: What Works?, sharing their stories and advice, and Trevor Thomas will offer an employment law perspective.

Forum participants will also have an opportunity to contribute and ask questions, so that everyone can benefit from each other’s experiences.

When:Tuesday, February 28th, 7:45 am – 9:15 am
Where: Kent Employment Law offices, 1285 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
What:    Panel and group discussion 

Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided!

Space is limited, so register now!


About Our Panelists

Danielle Allan, Finance Director at Allan Financial

Danielle is a second-generation intrapreneur in a specialized world of life insurance. Her expertise lies in the art of customization. I thrive on clarifying complexity, and strive to add value to people’s lives using newly created systems and fresh perspectives. She is committed to cooperation: eager to understand existing structures but curious about how to improve them.

She applies cohesive systems to match the working styles of leaders and their teams, easing logistics and empowering them to move toward a common goal. She naturally dive into numbers and details at the micro level, but is always zooming out to understand the macro picture, integrating interdisciplinary ideas in order to problem-solve.

Scaling Allan Financial by 400% in three years has been an exhilarating and fulfilling challenge. And the results are a testament to Danielle’s my values of versatility, innovation, and heart: when we change the way we work, we change business – for the better.

Casey A. Miller, President of 6 ½ Consulting

Casey has 15+ years of business experience including roles of CEO, VP Business Development, and VP Strategy. And he is on a mission: to create positive workplaces, relationships, and communities where people value each other. In his business life, this means helping organizations build cultures so that employees are intrinsically motivated to come to work and give fully of themselves to the organizations they not only work for, but believe in. This type of inspiration is contagious.

An expert in leadership development and team building, Casey is known as a charismatic, dynamic, and energetic, lending his clients perspectives on culture, engagement, and ultimately, how to create workplaces where employees are motivated and inspired. Hoping to help others lead more purposeful lives, Casey is also the author of Six and a Half: a story about roads, rashes, and redemption, a book written about his experiences on a bike, alone, riding across the United States.

Casey holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and another in Theological Studies from Harvard University.

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