Fiona Anderson and Michael Penner

Victoria and Vancouver are “the twin engines driving provincial growth, with Greater Vancouver and the Capital Region accounting for about 70 per cent of B.C.’s population growth”. (Saanich News editorial, February 11, 2017, citing Statistics Canada Census figures)

It’s no surprise that Victoria is rated as one of the best places to live and work in British Columbia. It’s an outdoor paradise, nestled around the Inner Harbour and surrounded by the Juan de Fuca Strait. It’s also the province’s capital.

But it’s much more than that. Statistics confirm it is also a growing business hub:

  • Victoria is one of Canada’s top 10 metropolitan areas when it comes to population growth and density, taking 8th spot in both cases, according to Statistics Canada’s 2016 Census data.
  • At the end of 2016, (as reported by Kelowna Capital News) BC led the country in job creation fueled by gains in only two regions: the Vancouver Island-Coast region, where two-thirds of all new jobs were in Greater Victoria, and the Lower Mainland-Southwest region, where growth was centred in Metro Vancouver.
  • BC’s tech sector leads the country in job growth, with approximately 20% of the province’s tech employees working in the Greater Victoria area.
  • Victoria is perceived as a coveted place to live, with Greater Vancouverites identifying it as the second-preferred location to move to, after Vancouver, according to a survey of 1700 British Columbians recently completed by Resonance Consultancy.

It’s an exciting time for Victoria and for those who call it home – which is why we’re excited to have a presence in this beautiful city by the sea.

Fiona Anderson and Michael Penner, lawyers with nearly 40 years of legal experience between them, lead our Victoria practice. Working alongside Fiona and Michael is Legal Assistant Johanna Strimas.

As Victoria continues to grow, so does its opportunity to become a province-leader in workplace practices. Business owners and HR professionals will play a central role in the region’s continued forward development by taking a proactive, progressive approach to employment practices. And as advocates for sustainable employment, Kent Employment Law is well-placed to help employers create positive workplace change that will lead to employee engagement and retention.We appreciate the opportunity to partner with employers and employees on Vancouver Island to help them create successful, thriving workplace relationships.

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