Rampre v Okanagan Halfway House Society, 2018 BCSC 992

Our client was required to cut operational costs due to budget constraints. In doing so, one of the organization’s bookkeeping administrators was proposed for a reassignment of duties, with a significant pay cut. The employee protested and after several weeks of discussions, announced his departure. Our client withdrew the proposed employment changes and encouraged him […]

Naderi v. Grain Workers Union Local 333, 2018 CIRB LD 3999 (July 2018)

Our client filed a complaint with the Canada Industrial Relations Board alleging that his union failed to fairly represent him in his grievance proceedings against the employer. After a three-day hearing, the Board found that the union had acted arbitrarily and in a bad faith manner in breach of its duty of fair representation of […]

Kang v. Fetterly, 2018 BCHRT 118

Our client employed Ms. Kang as a caregiver and dismissed her for cause after approximately 6 years of service. Following her dismissal, Ms. Kang brought a human rights complaint against our client, claiming that our client discriminated against her during the course of her employment. After considering the evidence, the Human Rights Tribunal concluded that […]

Successful Defense Against Injunction Application 2018

Our clients’ former employer alleged that they had violated various duties they owed to the employer by starting and operating  a competing business. The employer sought a court injunction to prevent our clients from continuing their business. We successfully defended our clients against this application as the judge declined to grant the injunction, in part […]

Cottrill v. Utopia Day Spas and Salons Ltd., 2017 BCSC 1925

After our client’s successful wrongful dismissal claim, the BC Supreme Court again ruled in her favour in her claim for costs against her former employer.

Reid v. Snap Fitness Cloverdale and others, 2017 BCHRT 181  

Our client worked at a gym. When she was dismissed from her job because of medical issues she suffered due to a car accident, she filed a Human Rights complaint against both the franchisee and franchisor of the gym. The franchisor, Snap Fitness 24-7, filed an application to dismiss the complaint against it.  We were successful in […]

Cottrill v. Utopia Day Spas and Salons Ltd., 2017 BCSC 704

After being dismissed for cause, our client sued her former employer for unpaid severance and aggravated damages. At trial, the Court concluded that there had not been just cause for Ms. Cottrill’s firing, and awarded her contractual severance as well as $15,000 in aggravated damages for its misconduct and breach of duty of good faith.

Philps v. Ritchie-Smith Feeds and another, 2017 BCHRT 67

Our client filed a discrimination complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal against his former employer and union. The employer subsequently asserted that the matter fell within federal jurisdiction. Out of an abundance of caution, we did not withdraw our client’s provincial complaint until the Canadian Human Rights Commission accepted jurisdiction of his complaint. The […]

Reid v. National Car & Truck Sales and Rentals, 2016 BCHRT 156

Our client has filed a Human Rights complaint against her employer for discrimination on the basis of her family relationship (i.e. family status) and her marital status. We were recently successful in defending her against the employer’s application to dismiss her complaint. Click here to read the decision in Reid v. National Car & Truck.

An Employment Standards Appeal by CWS Industries (Mfg) Corp., BC EST #D104/16

After our client was dismissed for “just cause”, he filed a claim with the Employment Standards Branch (ESB) seeking monetary amounts under the Employment Standards Act (the Act). The ESB found in our client’s favour, ruling that the employer did not have cause to fire him and ordering it to pay him the amounts he was entitled to under […]

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