Makenzie Johnston


Direct: 778-380-0086

Makenzie’s early exposure to a large family-owned and operated business familiarized her with the unique and sensitive challenges of the employee-employer relationship. As a result of this experience, Makenzie recognizes the value of a respectful and productive work environment to all stakeholders. Practically speaking, she also understands how challenging employment disputes can be. Makenzie strives to offer her clients a solutions-orientated and cost-effective approach to best serve their varying needs.

Makenzie started her legal career at a medium-sized litigation firm in Alberta. She takes pride in her ability to negotiate fair outcomes, but understands the benefit of pursuing litigation under certain circumstances. To this end, Makenzie has represented clients in appearances before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Provincial Court of British Columbia, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, and the Provincial Court of Alberta, and has also participated in various forms of alternative dispute resolution.

In her spare time, Makenzie enjoys travelling, hiking, camping, and skiing with her husband.


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