Hailey Jaillet

Administrative Assistant

Office: 236-420-1946 ext. 301

Hailey was born to help people. Thoughtful, caring and genuine, she has devoted her professional life to improving the lives of others. Before turning her attention to the law, Hailey held various people-focused roles ranging from Resident Care Attendant to positions in management, and was celebrated for her superior customer service skills.

It’s no surprise, then – and our good luck! – that Hailey is a natural as our Kelowna Administrative Assistant. Her warm, approachable style puts clients immediately at ease, and her positive, can-do attitude endears her to her colleagues. 

In addition to working as our Administrative Assistant in our Kelowna office, Hailey is also our point of contact for our Edmonton, Alberta location. Being born, and spending many years of her life in Alberta, Hailey naturally is delighted, and eager to assist with our Alberta based clientele.

Hailey is also immensely creative and her talents are on display both in and outside of work. Shortly after leaving high school, she trained to become a nail technician and has continued to practice this nail art (and science) on a part-time basis ever since. She is a dedicated crafter with an extensive skillset that includes crocheting, sewing and baking, and particularly loves woodworking and the opportunity to transform old pieces into new. When not busy with a project, Hailey can be found adventuring – camping, fishing, hiking or discovering a new kayaking spot – with her husband and fur babies.


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