Tuan Nguyen


Office: 604-498-1193 ext. 408
Direct: 604-495-0915

Raised by parents who worked with their hands, Tuan was drawn to tactile, tangible labour early on. While he ultimately decided on a career path distinct from that of his parents, a “hands-on” approach remains part of how he practices law today.  Tuan understands that the first step in successfully resolving any legal issue is to gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s experience and situation – and he works closely with each client from Day 1 to explore solutions best suited to their particular circumstances.

For Tuan, the ideal lawyer-client relationship is built on mutual respect, collaboration and open, direct communication. He views each client as a teammate with whom he is working towards a common goal. Whether working with an employee or business owner, Tuan keeps his clients engaged and informed from start to finish.

Tuan’s hands-on philosophy has also served him well as a litigator. A lifelong learner, he believes that legal training involves more than knowledge acquisition – active experience is just as crucial. With this in mind, he committed himself to gaining as much practical court experience as early on as possible and by the time he was called to the Bar of Alberta in 2013 (where he began his legal career), he had already appeared before 18 different courthouses. As an articling student, he conducted a week-long trial out of town and on his own; in his first year of practice as a lawyer, he ran a four-week criminal fraud trial; a year later, he argued a case before the Alberta Court of Appeal. Tuan’s litigation training “trial by fire” has translated into confidence and comfort in the courtroom.

When not working, Tuan loves to travel – so far, he has visited 22 countries across three continents, exploring their sites and immersing himself in their culture. He is also an avid reader of amateur foreign fiction (translated by amateurs), and is a proud supporter of this grassroots literary community.


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