Simon Kent

Simon Kent - Inspired Innovator

Simon doesn’t just think outside the box – he lives there. With over 15 years of hands-on legal experience and a bold entrepreneurial spirit, he is a visionary committed to redefining the practice of employment law.

Simon is a keen advocate for legal innovation, working to reimagine the employment relationship as a reciprocal rather than binary arrangement that benefits all workplace stakeholders. His offering of an in-house quarterly Employer Forum, where forward-thinking business owners and HR professionals gather to support and learn from each other, reflects Simon’s desire to create strong community.

A veteran practitioner, Simon advises senior executives and company leaders. He is a creative and strategic thinker with a unique skill for solving the most complicated workplace puzzles. Simon is the counsel of choice for employers and employees looking for cutting edge solutions to complex legal problems.

The founder, heart, and soul of Kent Employment Law, Simon led his team to break ground and become the first B Corp certified law firm in Canada. He is a thought leader in the employment law space, as an event organizer, author, media commentator, and public speaker.

Simon is also a prominent member of the local business community, contributing his voice and energy to such diverse groups as the Vancouver Executives Association (VanEx) and LOCO BC. Simon’s twin passions for building community and making change happen recently led him to co-found Connect Family Law, a progressive law firm that does separation and divorce a new way.

In April 2018, Simon launched a new business venture with partners Erin Brandt and Brent Ellwyn. Reach Legal is a network of carefully selected legal experts, working independently in various fields, who have joined together to serve clients across British Columbia, including those who live or operate in areas where there are few, if any, lawyers available. To learn more about Reach, visit their website here.